Temperature Detection
Thermal Camera.

A primary symptom of many infectious diseases is fever.
This has lead to monitoring the temperature of pedestrians
in hospitals, airports, corporate building companies, schools,
and other public areas. Thermos screen provides a non-invasive,
non-contact method of screening large groups of people for
elevated facial skin temperature quickly and easily.
Potentially febrile individuals can be detected with minimal
inconvenience and disruption to pedestrian flow.

Temperature detection thermal camera is best utilized as the first of a two-point
fever detection process. At the entrance to crowded areas, temperature detection thermal
camera is used to detect individuals whose facial skin temperature is higher than normal.
Fever is then confirmed using a medical thermometer. This two-point system enables
large groups of people to be screened quickly and accurately to effectively prevent
febrile individuals from entering areas where contagious diseases can spread easily.

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What Is the Principle Of Temperature Detection Thermal Camera?
Temperature Detection Thermal Camera?

Any object with a temperature will emit infrared rays. The thermal imager 100 receives the infrared rays emitted by the object, displays the temperature distribution on the surface of the measured object through a colored picture, and finds the abnormal point of the temperature according to the small difference in temperature degree, thus Play the role of asking and maintaining. It is also commonly referred to as an infrared camera.

And the working principle of temperature detection thermal camera is to answer thermal infrared imaging technology. At its core is the thermal imager, which is a sensor that can detect very small temperature differences and convert the temperature difference into a real-time video image for display. However, they can only see the hot corridors of people and objects, and cannot see the true face of objects.


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About How It Works

Compared with the traditional thermometer and the frontal thermometer, the thermal imaging infrared camera can achieve a longer distance (a few meters) in the case of non-contact multi-target temperature detection at the same time. It can avoid the retention caused by mass temperature testing. It reduces human contact, is good for reducing disease risk, is relatively safe and convenient, and is a way to identify people with fever in public places.

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IT IS MORE accurate than the general temperature measuring equipment, and uses a thermal imaging detector which is 4 times larger than general products.


THERMAL imaging infrared camera has much longer distance than others, the measuring distance reaches 3-9 meters, which is 3 times that of general products.


THERMAL imaging infrared camera is more intelligent on temperature adjustment, can adjust temperature automatically.


ITS MEASURING area is 4 times larger than others and simpler to identify. Group identification and multi-person identification are more suitable for application scenarios with high collection and distribution requirements.


THERMAL imaging infrared camera is much safer, support storage, playback, and alarm query to trace back facts.


THERMAL imaging infrared camera is more efficient with 50HZ sampling frequency which is 5 times that of general product. The person has no need to wait and pass quickly.


THERMAL imaging infrared camera has strong flexibility, support customized development, central management, cloud management, over-temperature alarm, cloud capture, etc.


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